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Kemps are pleased to offer to all their clients the opportunity to participate in a Tax Investigation Service to protect their businesses and themselves from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) increasingly aggressive investigation tactics.
The Problem
HMRC can investigate the tax affairs of any business or individual that completes or fails to complete a Tax Return. Many such investigations are random, requiring no justification and no-one is immune. HMRC's policy director stated that they intend to claw back £3.5 billion from tax payers during the period 2005 to 2008! (source: see 1 below).
Investigations are often disruptive intrusive and expensive. The main cost is frequently professional fees to defend the tax payer. Too often the tax payer decides to pay tax that is not due as it is less than the professional fees involved to rebut HMRC. Innocence may not be relevant.
The Solution
By joining the scheme the scheme member has cover for the first £100,000 of professional fees; provided that they have been honest and filed their tax returns on time.
The scheme is underwritten by Croner Taxwise, part of the Walters Kluwer Group, a global company providing professional, health, tax and information services.
Additional Scheme Benefits
In addition to the main fee cover, scheme members are also given unlimited access to Business Support Help lines, giving telephone support at local call rates on the following areas, which are critical to many small businesses :-
Employment & Personnel Issues, such as:
  • Disciplining an Employee/Dismissal /Gross misconduct
  • Health & Safety, such as :
  • Reporting an Accident/Hazardous Substances
  • Commercial Legal Disputes, such as :
  • Landlord and Tenancy/Company Law/Copyright and Patent
How to Join the Scheme
For details of how to join or for further information please contact Sarah Kemp on 01843 861188
[Source: Financial Times October 2005]



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